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If you see bees or wasps on your property in large amounts, it’s a sign of infestation. In such cases, you need immediate bee and wasp removal Narre Warren services. Are you tired of searching “bee removal service near me?” If yes, the solution is right in front of you. We offer the best wasp and bee removal services. Our team serves authentic services and is always ready to offer the greatest level of services to our clients. We will make sure that the property is free from infestation and that you have peace of mind. Get our wasp or bee pest control services right away and make your property free from bees and wasps. Since our services are quite advanced and latest, our methods give the most effective results. In fact, you can also contact us at 03 4050 7852 to get your queries cleared. 

Our Team Can Remove Different Types Of Wasps And Bees 

Since bees and wasps feed on pollen grains they are commonly seen around flowering plants and gardens. There is a wide variety of wasps and bees our team bee and wasp removal Narre Warren can get rid of:

  • Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera): Honey bees can be identified easily as they are commonly found and can be differentiated by the appearance of the thorax and abdomen. Rather than eliminating them, we can relocate them to a new place. Therefore, get our honey bee relocation services. 
  • Bumble Bees (Bombus spp.): The stout looking bees that are robust and hairy can be allergic to many people. Therefore, it becomes important for you to remove them from your property before they become chaotic. Get our bee control services. 
  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica): These are most commonly residing in tree trunks. These bees are solitary bees that can burrow into the woods. So there are high chances of damaging your garden trees. Therefore, get rid of them with our bee swarm removal services. 
  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.): These wasps are mostly present around flowering plants aiding in cross-pollination. But sometimes, they can be problematic. Hence, look no more to getting our wasp control services to remove them from your surroundings.
  • Yellow Jackets (Vespula spp., Paravespula spp.): Our wasp specialist can identify yellow jackets easily with their appearance. They are present in colonies and can be annoying. Therefore, it’s necessary to seek professional help from our wasp removal company, like us.
  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculate and Vespa crabro): These are the largest and have black and white rings. It’s easy to identify them on your own. If you think you have hornets on your property, contact us right away! 

What Does Our Team Do To Manage Bees And Wasps?

We know that bees and wasps are most often found in colonies. Any kind of disturbance can provoke them and can harm the people in the surroundings. So rather than handling them on your own, it’s important to grab our bee and wasp removal Narre Warren services. We follow certain strategies and steps for effective results, here is what we do:

  • Inspection Of The Area Of Nests And Hives: Only a thorough inspection can help us in proceeding with further steps. Hence our team will carry out an inspection and generate a report. 
  • Removal Of Bees And Wasps Around: Once we complete the inspection, we find the other spots where bees and wasps fly around. From there we remove the bees and wasps. For this, we use insecticidal sprays and fogging methods to remove bees from walls, including wasps. 
  • Removal Of Nests And Hives: With our local wasp nest removal service or beehive removal, we do not destroy their nests or hives. Since we follow humane wasp removal services, we are quite mindful of what we do. Therefore, we remove and relocate them.
  • Destroy The Nest, If Required: Not all the time relocation of the hives and nests works. Therefore, we destroy the nests if required because they can attract the bees and wasps in future leading to re-infestation.
  • Final Inspection: To make sure there are no remnants of bees and wasps in your property and surroundings, our bee and wasp removal Narre Warren team will carry out a final inspection. 

Do You Want To Know How Bees And Wasps Build Their Hives And Nests?

Wasps and bees mainly build their nests and hives in hollow areas. These are cavity-like spaces, which are most commonly seen in tree trunks, branches, mailboxes, wood logs, etc. Because they can easily swarm in such places. To build a wasp nest or bee hive in the house, they search for places like attics, patios, voids, etc. For the construction of the beehive, bees use their wax-producing glands. Using this, they make honeycombs and the worker bees slowly build the hive according to the size of the colony. Unlike beehives, wasps’ nests are paper-like. They are sturdy and are built using raw wood. This consists of hexagonal rings. 

Book Our Same-Day Bees And Wasp Control Services In Narre Warren

Our company believes in offering the best quality services for the residents in Narre Warren. Since our bee and wasp removal Narre Warren team is a local one, people often rely on us for same-day services for the removal of bees and wasps. As bees and wasps are found in hives and nests, it’s important to get rid of the nests and hives to remove them completely. For this, it’s very important to rely on professional bee or wasp nest removal services. To know more about our services, follow up with us.

  • Local Company: Since our company is a locally-based one, we offer our services to all the people in Narre Warren.
  • Accessibility: We are very accessible as we are active in giving responses to queries and taking slot bookings. Therefore, if you want to get our bee and wasp removal Narre Warren services, contact us right away. 
  • Prompt Services: Our services are quite prompt and are available to you, without any delay in time. This leads to customer satisfaction and quick relief from the chaos bees and wasps can cause.
  • Same-Day And Emergency Services: Our bee and wasp treatment is available to you on the same day of booking. Therefore, if you want to get rid of a wasp nest or beehive, you can contact us. Moreover, you can even get our emergency services, in case you need us in unexpected situations. 


What do the bees and wasps store in their nests?

Bees and wasps not only reside in hives and nests but also store their food like pollen grains. 

Why is it important to get an inspection prior to your services?

A thorough inspection of your property and the surroundings help us in identifying the beehives and wasp nests, including their infestation severity.  

Are your emergency bee and wasp removal services available in Narre Warren?

Yes, our emergency service for bees and wasp removal is available across the regions of Narre warren.