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Get The Best Treatment Solutions For Moth Infestation In Narre Warren

Multiple moth species are found in Narre Warren but only a few species infest residential and commercial properties. We provide a complete solution for moth infestation in Narre Warren. Moreover, our moth control Narre Warren experts keep your property safe from moths and prevent any future moth infestation. Also, our moth pest control cost is extremely pocket friendly for all residential and commercial customers. Secondly, you can get your home and business premises inspected with our expertise and get a full control treatment in Narre Warren. So, keep the moths at bay in Narre Warren and book our local extermination services by calling toll-free company number 03 4050 7852

What Are The Major Signs Of Pantry Moth And Clothes Moth Infestation? 

Moths are found both in residential and commercial properties. Moreover, most common moth infestations are caused by the pantry and cloth moths. Especially, if you are running a food store business or running a fabric business, it is important to know the signs of a moth infestation.

Here are some common signs of pantry and cloth moth infestation that you must know.

  • Tiny holes

When you have cloth moth infestation you can notice tiny holes in any woollen, silk, or other cloth material. Moreover, this is caused by the moth larvae which eat away the clothes from your wardrobe.

  • Eaten upholstery 

Not only clothes but cloth moths even eat upholstery. You can easily see half-eaten leather upholstery if you have a cloth moth infestation. Also, you will notice damaged files on your carpet.

  • Adult Moths 

When you have a major infestation then you can notice adult moths flying around your pantry or wardrobe. Also, you can notice their air sticking up your clothes as well. Furthermore, you will notice insect carcasses lying on your home or business premise or your carpet.

  • Cocoons 

Cocoons are easily seen in food packages. The larvae are having webbing cocoons trapped around them which helps them transform into adult moths. Moreover, you can notice small caterpillar-like larvae on your clothes as well.

Are Moths Harmful To Humans? 

Moths do not directly harm humans but they are capable of damaging your food, furniture and your clothing. Moreover, it is important to contact a whole inspection if you see signs of infestation at your home or business premises. Also, nobody wants to see moths flying around when you are running a food or clothing business. Secondly, moth hair and droppings contaminate food items which in turn causes asthma attacks. 

Some species of moth-like cloth moths feed on fabrics. Also, they damage fabrics and clothes by eating them during the larvae stage. Secondly, allergic reactions are common when you wear clothes infested with moths. Additionally, using moth infested carpets or blankets trigger allergies as well. 

The Three-Step Process for Moth Control We Follow In Narre Warren 

Our moth control and removal treatment services are made for both residential and commercial properties. Also, we follow a particular moth control procedure that is customized according to the moth species. Therefore, we exterminate moths from your property effectively and give the best results. 

Here is the full procedure we follow to exterminate moths: 

  • Moth Inspection

Once you book our exterminators for moth control in house or for commercial properties, we ensure to thoroughly inspect your premises. Moreover, the inspection ensures finding out the root cause and the source of infestation. Secondly, our moth control Narre Warren experts figure out the intensity of the infestation.

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

Based on the results of the inspection, our specialist exterminator will perform a control and removal treatment strategically. Moreover, we provide pantry moth extermination to deal with all food contamination due to pantry moths. Also, we cover cabbage moth control by using eco-friendly chemicals which are non-toxic.

Organic pest insecticides are used for winter moth control and are safe for your family and pets. Ensuring your safety, we perform carpet moth extermination, with full effective results. 

  • Moth Prevention Advice

Our moth caterpillar control exterminators give useful tips to prevent any future moth infestations. Moreover, this helps in achieving long term results. Therefore, our experts give you prevention tips based on your property and the state of infestation you had. 

Why Hire Our Exterminators For Moth Infestation In Narre Warren?

With many companies out there for pest extermination services, it gets overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are our top reasons to hire our experts for moth control services 

  • Certified moth control solutions

Our experts are highly trained and certified to perform all kinds of moth control treatments to provide effective results. Our experts are available for booking throughout the year. 

  • Done by qualified local experts in the field

Our local moth control Narre Warren experts have years of experience and are highly qualified. Moreover, with expertise, we plan customized treatments to eliminate moths from your premises.

  • Short-notice appointments availability

If you have urgency and need emergency moth extermination services then we provide same day moth extermination services in Narre Warren. You can book our services 24×7 even on holidays and weekends all through the year.

  • Savings of up to $40

Our services are extremely affordable for all the residents of Narre Warren. Moreover, we have no hidden costs and have transparency in our quotes. So you can easily book our pest control treatments for pocket-friendly pricing. You can save up to $40 with our affordable treatments

  • Options for follow-up treatments, upon request

After the treatment, you can easily book our follow up services. Secondly, in the follow-up services, we ensure to not leave any stone unturned. Therefore, not a single pest is left behind and your property is pest-free. Moreover, with follow-up treatments, you can be assured that you won’t have any infestation for a long time.

  • Local Team In  Narre Warren

Our local team of exterminators provide the best pest control services in Narre Warren. Moreover, we are among the top pest control companies in Narre Warren and provide hassle-free and quick moth pest control and removal services.


What should I do with my infested blanket and clothes?

If you have cloth moth infestation then the first thing you need to do is wash all the clothes, blankets or other linen in high-temperature water. This will help in killing the eggs and the larvae. Also, drying them under the sun helps you get rid of them. Furthermore, for delicate clothing, you can just put them in an airbag and freeze it. This will help you kill the eggs and the larvae too.

What should I do with my damaged food which is infested by pantry moths?

Moth eggs are not harmful but it is best to dispose of the food which has been infested. Moreover, remember to secure all the other food containers to ensure you don’t get an infestation in the other food packages. Also, you can use insect traps or call a professional exterminator.

Are Australian moths dangerous to humans and pets?

Most moths are harmless but some species of moths are dangerous when provoked. They can cause asthma attacks or allergies. But the plus point is they do not bite humans.