Termite Inspection Narre Warren

Termite Inspectors And Control Specialists You Can Trust 

We provide the best services for termite inspections. Moreover, our termite inspection Narre Warren experts provide the most affordable termite inspection and control for all the properties in Narre Warren. Also, our termite inspection Narre Warren specialist has years of experience in handling termites and knows their signs of infestation perfectly. Moreover, our termite control Narre Warren exterminators have the right tools to carry out a proper termite inspection and find out if termites are destroying your property. To book our best termite inspection Narre Warren experts services, dial 03 4050 7852.

Get Affordable Termite Inspection And Control Treatments In Narre Warren 

Termite control specialists understand how crucial termite inspection is and how termites can damage your property. Therefore, no matter the size of your property, our termite pest control Narre Warren experts provide affordable termite inspection and control solutions. Moreover, termite treatment costs Narre Warren services are pocket-friendly for all no matter what the level of infestation is. Therefore, our best termite inspector Narre Warren specialist will cover all the areas of your property by using the best technology to properly inspect the termite activity. Book our affordable termite treatment Narre Warren services today! 

Our Termite Inspection And Control Method In Narre Warren 

With years of experience, the termite inspection Narre Warren team provide renowned quality services for termite control. Moreover, our termite control Narre Warren services provide the best inspection for all residential and commercial properties. Here is our full inspection procedure that we care out at your premises 

We Do Termite Inspection In The Roof Void

Our termite treatment Narre Warren inspector will enter the roof space if there is enough space available. Moreover, our termite inspection Narre Warren expert inspect from one end of the roof void to another. Furthermore, while inspecting the exposed timber, we note all the signs of infestation if there is any present. 

Termite Inspection Inside A Building

Our termite control Narre Warren specialists fully inspect each room. Secondly, our monitored meter helps to detect termites. Also, we use thermal cameras to check the suspected area for active infestations. Additionally, our expertise gives us an upper hand in understanding termite infestation signs and active spots. Moreover, our termite inspection experts check all the wet areas starting from the kitchen, toilets, laundry room and bathroom. 

Termite Inspection In The Subfloor Of A Building

If your property is having sub-flooring then we cover the area. Moreover, access is important in all conditions. Our termite inspector will get there to check the termite infestation signs. Moreover, often stuff such as an old book, furniture and basic firewood is placed on the sub-floor which gives a perfect atmosphere for termites to infest your property.

Termite Inspection Outside The Building

Our termite inspection Narre Warren experts check the exterior of the building with proper tools and technology. Furthermore, our termite inspection Narre Warren inspector gives attention to the slab edge of homes and holes in the brick of the homes. Also, the inspector will check all the entry points for potential termites. Secondly, we check all the paths or soil outside the property, the garden, pipes, air conditioners and other wet areas. 

Why is Termite Inspection A Must Before Performing Termite Treatment Solution?

Termite Inspection is extremely crucial when it comes to starting a termite treatment. Our termite inspection Narre Warren experts figure out all the active infestation areas of the termites. Moreover, during the inspection, we get to know the severity of the infestation. Secondly, it also helps us to understand how aggressive the treatment has to be. Therefore, termite control Narre Warren expert indicates a proper customized and strategically planned treatment. 

Some Common Signs of Termite Infestation 

There are key signs of termite infestation at your home. Sometimes you might confuse termites for ants but if you want to be sure, here are some common signs of termite 

  • Mud tubes on walls 
  • Wood damage 
  • Holes in your wooden furniture 
  • Stiff windows and doors
  • Frass or termite droppings near door frames and windowsills 
  • Buckling paint
  • Live termites

Hire The Best Termite Pest Control Experts In Narre Warren 

Our team is committed to providing the best termite inspection and pest control services in Narre Warren. Moreover, there are multiple reasons to hire our local exterminators. Here are the top reasons to pick us for termite inspection and control: 

  • We provide 24×7 booking services 
  • Our services are extremely affordable 
  • The experts are highly trained and certified to perform termite inspection and control treatments
  • We use the latest tools and technology to find out termite hot spots and eradicate them from your property.

We Cover Residential and Commercial Properties For Termite Control and Inspection Treatment In Narre Warren 

If you are looking for termite inspection and control services in Narre Warren, then look no more. Our termite inspection Narre Warren team provides termite treatment solutions for all residential and commercial properties. Moreover, we cover all apartments, healthcare centres, restaurants, office areas and real estate etc. Our dependable and knowledgeable termite control inspector does the following treatments:

Bait systems

For the baiting system we include termite monitoring. Moreover, with our special type of bait stations, we set a special type of wood set. Moreover, this food set attracts termites in and works as an excellent bait. Furthermore, we regularly monitor the underground bait station for even a slight termite activity. Moreover, according to the severity we use other baiting systems.

Wood treatment

For wood treatment, first our termite inspection Narre Warren experts remove the infested wood. Moreover, this is done to prevent further infestation. Afterwards, a direct wood treatment is done to manage termite infestation. The direct wood treatment works well and prevents the spreading of termite colonies. 

Soil treatment

Our termite inspection Narre Warren inspector gives a direct soil treatment to help prevent termites from reaching your subflooring of the property. Moreover, soil treatment acts as a barrier. Secondly, a trench is dug in the soil and a termiticide treatment is done which is extremely effective to stop termite infestation.

Affordable and Stress-Free Termite Treatments in Narre Warren

Our termite control Narre Warren team provides different termite treatment solutions like spraying of insecticide. Moreover, our licensed termite inspection Narre Warren specialists have proper expertise with years of knowledge working in this field. Also, we are a renowned team of experts to provide quality work in Narre Warren. The local termite inspection team ensures a proper termite inspection and treatment to give the best results. Book our termite inspection and control affordable services to save your time and money! 


Do termites harm humans and do they bite?

No. Termites don’t cause any harm to humans or pets. Moreover, they don’t bite. The only thing termites do is eat away wood. Therefore, the termite infestation causes huge property damage and this cost you a lot of money. 

How long do termites live?

Termite queens live around 16 to 24 years and lay eggs in hundreds. Moreover, worker and soldier termites only live for a year or two. 

Are termites and white ants the same?

No, they both are different yet have similar characteristics. Termites are sometimes known as white ants.