Latest 5 Bird Control Tips To Prevent Birds

Birds in the surrounding area create a pleasant environment. But sometimes this can be chaotic. Want to prevent the birds from coming to your windows and balconies? Looking for some safe ways to do bird control? If yes then you can go through these below mentioned tips. These are useful, effective, and safe for the birds also. So, let’s check them out in a detailed manner-

Installing Spikes Over The Walls And Boundaries

Are you tired of the bird flying all over your windows and balcony? If yes then you can try installing the spikes. When birds get tired of flying, they take a rest by sitting on the walls, boundaries, windows, and balconies. The best way that you can do Pest control is the installation of spikes. The good thing is that it is one of the best ways that doesn’t cause any harm to the birds. 

Keep Any Shiny Objects On The Outside Area

Another way of controlling the birds is to make use of reflective objects in the outside area. This kind of object works as a deterrent for birds. For this, you can hand any old mirror, aluminum foil, or CDs. If there’s any nest on the outside of your balcony or window then hand them to see an immediate effect. It is one of the best tips that will prevent the birds from harming them.

Use Of Repellant

In the market, you will get to see different types of bird repellent. You can choose organic ones which work effectively on birds without causing any harm to them. These repellents are available in a spray form so that you can spray on the outside area such as windows, gardens, backyard, and balconies to get rid of them. This spray contains the solution of pepper and sauce which cause birds to fly away from your home.

Use A Sonic Device

The sonic device is another creative and latest way to prevent the birds from coming into your home. This is mainly a device that makes a noise that birds are not able to tolerate. If you’re seeing a lot of birds hovering on your balcony then use this sonic device in your home. With this, you’ll be able to bird control with ease.

Remove Food Source

One of the reasons why birds fly over your windows, gardens and balconies is because of food. If there’s any food item kept outside the home then birds will get attracted to it. If you’re having a picnic in your garden or just having snacks on the balcony, birds will surely come to you. So, it would be better to not keep any food in the open area. 


To do organic pest control, it is important to follow these above mentioned tips. These tips are highly effective to prevent the entry of birds. If you’re not able to control birds by yourself then make sure to contact the professionals for controlling the birds.